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The Deal

by B. Barton Biddlearton | Score: 1600

"I was in the house at Lake Tahoe when the package arrived.  Funny. I hadn't left a forwarding address. I opened it, and as you might guess, it blew up in my face and killed me."

"It had been six months since your last confession," Saint Peter said. 


"Why so long?"

I squirmed and eyed the lever he rested his hand on, the one that would open the trapdoor on which I stood, the one that would plunge me down to you-know where. "You know, the job, the kids..." it all sounded so banal and lame. How was I to know the Unabomber would strike? (This was back in the days before he got caught.)

"Well, tell you what I'm a-gonna do," said Saint Peter. And a deal was struck.

Yeah, so that's how I got to drive in the taxi service between Earth, Heaven, and Hell.  Where to?

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Begin Start typing to begin
Event A package is delivered
Location A lake
Words Reach 50 words
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Letter Use the letter K

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