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The ghost

by Anonymous | Score: 1450

"There's a strange noise coming from the closet" Ivy said, "can someone check it?" Cindee goes to check but right before she touches the door knob the closet door swings right open hitting Cindee in the head. She then fell to the ground with a big red mark on her forehead. "That was really weird" Ivy beginning to panic, "I can't even tell what happened." Their friend Stella walked into the room after hearing their conversation and said that they've been seeing a ghost walking around the house at night. Just as she said that something tugged on her sweater. "I think we should try to talk to it" Cindee says. "We could try to leave a box of markers in the closet and see if anything has been written on the walls" Stella said, "and we'll check in the morning." They go on with their normal day, after work Stella goes and buys some cheap spirit box. She brings it home and shows it to Cindee and Ivy. "I think we could try this," 

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Begin Start typing to begin
Event There's a strange noise
Words Reach 50 words
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Prop Include a box of markers

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