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The Angel & The Mere Mortal

by Anonymous | Score: 1750

Their eyes sparkled so brightly on that cold winters day, it instantly warmed me up like a spark from a fire pit.

How could one persons eyes be so captivating. But then i saw their hair, the color resembled a chilly autumn day, the wind flowing through the auburn leaves that resembled their air oh so much.

And to top it all of, they had style. Walking in the opposite direction of me wearing only the most stylish of clothes, how alluring.

I wonder if we could live a happy life together, waking up next to them everyday with a smile and they would smile back too, it would be oh so perfect.

Maybe we could start a family one day, if they wanted to that is. If not I would be more than happy with a dog, cat, hamster...heck i'd even take a spider if it made them happy.

I hate spiders, all beady eyed and slow, crawling after their prey without their permission, this person would never do that, I just know it.

Despite all of this I knew that I had to let them go, afterall they were an angel and I w as only an earth dweller, left to wonder what could have been if I didn't just let them walk by..into the mist.

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